Clark W. Nicholls (Mohawk Hudson Region SCCA Pit Marshal) +

Al Olmstead’s (New England Region SCCA F&C) slide collection

With guest contributor Bob Holcomb (Glen Region SCCA Pit Marshal)!

Pete Watson’s (New York Region SCCA F&C and Starter) slide collection is online now!

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A Mr./Doctor Botchagaloop (sp) was a character on the old Abbott & Costello show.

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Arranged somewhat chronologically….


In addition to scanning his own collection of slides (not done yet), Clark has taken on the monumental project scanning R. Allen Olmstead’s and Pete Watson's slide collections!

For your enjoyment!

I'm pushing the limits of my GoDaddy webhosting account!



Al O is happy with his cookie and Coke at Road Atlanta.


John Fitch information link here and biography here


Links to different years of Al Olmstead’s (New England Region SCCA) photos on this website.

Some very good shots of us old-timers in our youth!

Hot links all have content now.

197319741975197619771978 - 1979

After a gap in photography, Al returns in  - 1984 -


See some of Clark’s new millinium (as some spell it) digital photos here



ß Clark’s older slides à

Only the hot links have content!

(This part of the project will go on hold after my 1987 photos are uploaded)

- 2001 - 2000 - 1999 – 1998 - 1997 - 1996 –

- 1995 - 1994 - 1993 – 1992 - 1991 - 1990 –

- 1989 - 1988 - 19871986 - 1985 - 1984

- 1983 - 1982 - 19811980 - 1979 - 1978

- 1977 - 1976 - 19751974 - 1973 - 1972


To be added at a later date include Silverstone British GP in early 1990’s

Continuation will require scanning of negatives which are, to say the least, disorganized.

I may not get to this task till next winter (or the one after that)!


Another project shared with Randy McKee and Greg Rickes is to scan the archives of our friend Joe Corbett.


So there’s no shortage of tasks!


It is now the winter of 2012 and I'm scanning my negatives from the 1980s. They are not in true order, sorted or labeled so have fun! 5000 and counting...

Negatives 0  -  Negatives 01  -  Negatives 02  -  Negatives 03

Negatives 04  -  Negatives 05  -  Negatives 06  -  Negatives 07

Negatives 10  -  Negatives 11  -  Negatives 12  -  Negatives zz


1990 Canadian GP, WSC, etc. Negatives 1990

1991 Canadian GP, Watkins Glen NASCAR + IROC, Lime Rock, etc. Negatives 1991a



Videos I took at the SCCA Runoffs at Road Atlanta are on YouTube now (4/2024).


1983 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta Champion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic

1/5  --  https://youtu.be/OdnbYi--zjk

2/5  --  https://youtu.be/n8S4lsJVqeU  

3/5  --  https://youtu.be/CiAshN4-OT0

4/5  --  https://youtu.be/vU6UCvA7sDc

5/5  --  https://youtu.be/hijHU_sWW3g  


1984 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta Champion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic

1/7  --  https://youtu.be/29YnauAU-Nk

2/7  --  https://youtu.be/kiLuXdYY5Rk

3/7  --  https://youtu.be/kshA6zNIfPA

4/7  --  https://youtu.be/nVlGiyNXFKM

5/7  --  https://youtu.be/DoKOM80InJA

6/7  --  https://youtu.be/36j8mgx42uA

7/7  --  https://youtu.be/H4YDwb_rr7w




Bob Holcomb from the Watkins Glen area contributes some great memories here


Pete Watson’s (New York Region SCCA) slide collection is now being added (3/25/2009)!

- 2002 - 19871986 - 1985 - 1984

- 1983 - 1982 - 19811980 - 1979 - 1978

- 1977 - 1976 

 Stay tuned!


- Richard Welty has a great North American Motorsports page here -


Other memories we may or may not have ever had…

A very good site with old Lime Rock photos here (no longer works!)

A very good site with Mark Windecker old IMSA photos here

Link to VSCCA page here

Race Program Covers project. I've provided a few here, can you fill in some blanks?

Our photos are making it into several sites. Check out:


Registry of Corvette Race Cars

Tam's Old Racecar Site



Can you name this person? Quiz1


Use of these photos in any publication is free as long as photo credit is given to R. Allen Olmstead for slides from Al’s collection (filenames prefixed with rao)
and likewise credit to Clark W. Nicholls for slides (and videos) from his collection (filenames prefixed with cwn),
and likewise credit to Pete Watson for slides from his collection (filenames prefixed with pw),
If you need higher resolution jpg, let Clark know the file name and photo gallery (web address) it is in.

The Negatives galleries are all CWNicholls photos.


I should have a contest like how many jelly beans in the jar. How many slides in the closet? (I don’t know the answer and won’t be counting them). I have several thousand more from later years. Lots of F1, mostly boring. Hopefully I’ll get to them!


Here’s the workstation, scanner lower right:


Scans are being done with a HP Scanjet 4890 at 300dpi resolution.
This scanner scans 16 slides in one batch at user selected resolution with Hewlett Packard software.
I used 300dpi which makes a jpg file 500-700KB each slide. Not the best, but ok for now.
The PC is a dual core AMD Athlon 64x2 4400+ 2.2GHz processor with 3GB RAM running Windows XP-Professional.

image018  image015 image017

I’m building a new quad-core PC for Windows 7, so I have added another scanner to my toolbox, HP G4050

I've now updated to PCs with AMD Phenom Quad 3.4GHz processors, 16GB of RAM and Windows 10, which will run the scanning software.
Also I have a scanning station with an Intel Quad I5-3470 Core 3.2GHz processor with 16GB of RAM.

Link to TigerDirect where there is much more information on the G4050 here

HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner  HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner  HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner

I think the Epson V500 (below) is a worthy scanner too, but does fewer slides at once! Around $230



Photos at Lime Rock Park, Watkins Glen Race Course, Montreal Grand Prix Formula One, British Grand Prix Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Bryar Motorsports Park, Thompson Raceway, Road Atlanta, MoSport, Riverside California, Laguna Seca, Detroit Grand Prix Formula One, Dallas Grand Prix, Formula One, Trans-Am, Miami Grand Prix, Sebring 12 Hours, Daytona International Speedway, Pocono International Speedway,  Beaver Run Sports Car Course, Pittsburgh Grand Prix, Bridgehampton Raceway, St. Petersburgh, Moroso, Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens, Niagara Falls, Meadowlands, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and many other locations!

Runoffs, IMSA, SCCA, Grand-Am, CART, FIA, FOCA, FISA, FIA, ALMS, AMA, ACCUS, British Leyland, Group 44, Bob Tullius, John McComb, Bob Wanta, Dave Belden, Dave Hathaway, Bob Sharp, Scott Sharp, Bruce MacInnes, Paul Newman, Luigi Botchagaloop, Tulio Randuzo, Holy Camoly, Holy Chamoly!

Porsche, Corvette, Camaro, Lotus, Jaguar, Datsun, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Triumph, MG, Ford, Mustang, Bently, Rolls Royce, Cougar, Ferarri, Williams, McLaren, Renault, BMW, Noble, Skip Barber Driver School, Dodge, LED.


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